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SEE Sydenham Market

Next market Saturday 9 July

World Book Night

Saturday 23 April 2016

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Welcome to my web site

On my web site you can find out about me, my work in Sydenham and Lewisham Council. In short I have represented Sydenham ward since 1986 and believe I have a real understanding of the local issues having lived in and represented Sydenham for nearly 30 years. I am always ready to listen to what residents say and provide community leadership in chairing the Sydenham Assembly. I am the Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Older People. I also chair the Sydenham Town Centre Steering Group and SEE3 Portas pilot to attract quality independent businesses to Sydenham.

Please visit my councillor web site as this provides links to Lewisham Council and factual information such as my Newsletters and the Ward Profile - please see the latest quarterly Newsletters.

Please visit my Contact me page for way to get in touch or just send me an email - info@chrisbest.org

With Len Duvall, Liam Curran and Sadiq Khan

Congratulations to Sadiq, our new London Mayor

A fantastic result for Sadiq Khan and proud that he is our Mayor for all of London citizens. He is standing up for all Londoners and is starting work on tackling the problems facing our city including the housing crisis. Labour councils like Lewisham are ready to do all we can to work with our Labour Mayor.

Speaking to Sadiq he said ''London gave me the chance to go from a council estate to helping run a business and serving in the Cabinet. As Mayor because I want all Londoners to have the same opportunities that our city gave me.''

Turnout of around 45% to ensure that Len Duvall has increased his majority - taking 52% of the votes to return to the London Assembly.

Your Sydenham Councillors discussing the local issues

Latest from the Sydenham Assembly

Next meeting Tuesday 4 October - 7pm @ The TNG

The Sydenham Assembly Newsletters are online here

Our top five priorities are

  • Bringing our community together
  • Health, well-being and community safety
  • Vibrant high street
  • Cleaner and greener Sydenham
  • Transport improvements

Previous Sydenham Assembly meetings are under the Get Involved page.

Please visit the Sydenham Assembly page of Lewisham's web site for more information and the photos of our meetings can be found here. You can also join the facebook page.

The poem was composed by Kas Darley and Mark Stevenson from Teatro Vivo who started the Assembly meeting with a performance as Titania and Oberon.They asked for words from those present to present this poem at the end of the meeting

Teatro Vivo - Ode to Sydenham

The shops are bursting with melons aplenty
We're proud to live in SE's six and twenty
Green spaces and the famous pocket squares
Parks Mayow, Wells and Home to take the airs
But if carousing is the thing for you
Look for the creatures in our local zoo
Drink with a Dolphin and a Lion of Gold
Soon hopefully the Greyhound will be sold
And like a Phoenix from the flames will rise
Transforming right before our very eyes
If you like to sit in your car and sing
The queues on Sydenham high street are the thing
But if your journey you'd prefer was swift
Bus, trains and Overground are Sydenham's gift
With High Street Happenings and Sydenham Arts
Culture is bursting out from many parts The library's brought to life by volunteers For whom we all would like to give three cheers!
Community in Sydenham is so strong
Together we're a very happy throng
A diverse bunch of ages and of races
There's Sydenham Smiles on all our friendly faces.

Future of Sydenham Post Office

The Post Office have written to us to say that Sydenham branch has been identified for possible franchising. They will be advertising the opportunity for a potential franchise partner to apply to take on the branch. In the event of a suitable partner being found, any changes to Sydenham Post Office would be subject to a public consultation.

The reason given is that our Post Office is "losing money and to be sustainable as a business, we need to be in a position where the vast majority are making a profit. Like any High Street retailer, we’re up against a number of challenges, including changing customer demand and increases in property costs. Meanwhile our government funding is reducing and if we don’t keep evolving, the Crown network will very quickly fall back into loss, undoing the progress that’s been made so far. Our aim is to create a sustainable and profitable Crown network and to meet our ever changing customer demands. To help achieve this, we’ve been looking at new ways to grow our income and to cut our costs, including introducing new retail ranges and products and re-negotiating our contracts and leases."

I am contacting the Post Office to arrange a meeting to discuss the plans for the future.

You can look me up on facebook - as well as Sydenham Assembly, Sydenham Town Centre and SEE3

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