Cleaner and Greener

Community Clean Up days

Removing flyposting

Working with other local residents I have been removing flyposting such as shop shutter stickers from the granite upstands.

I am an avid supporter of the broken windows theory in that a well maintained, clean environment will send the signal that the area is being monitored and cared for.

No free green waste collection in 2013

Green bags available

Due to the cuts in the Council's budget the free green waste collection at Girton Road car park has been cut this year.

Green garden waste bags can be purchased for a £1 on a roll of 10 from any Lewisham library and arrange collection from your front gate through CallPoint - 020 8314 7171.

Garden waste can be taken to the reuse and recycling centre on Landmann Way, New Cross.

Free mattress collection

Lewisham has introduced a free mattress recycling service to help our residents dispose of their mattresses responsibly. Now all residents have to do is place a sticker on the mattress and put it out by their refuse bin the evening before collection day. The mattress will then be collected and over 97% of the metal, cotton, polyester and felt from the mattress will be recycled. Stickers are available from Sydenham library.

Recycling of batteries and cartridges

Lewisham has teamed up the enviromental organisation BatteryBack so that you can dispose of batteries in a facility in our libraries called a BatteryCan.

From 1st February 2010 any retailer selling over 32Kg of batteries must by law provide free battery collection.

We also recycle used printer cartridges - again just put into the box in Sydenham library.

Recycling clothes bank

Please think about recycling your old clothes