Vibrant high street

Visit from the Future High Street Forum reporting back to the new Minister with responsibility for the high streets Brandon Lewis

SEE3 Portas Pilot

Sydenham Market - Saturday 14 June 11am - 5pm

We are entering our next phase to build up the Town Team and ensure we have a legacy. We want to engage more traders and artists to add commercial value in the high street.

Together we have achieved a great deal: Pop Up shops, Jack and Jill Community Hubs, Christmas Markets, Food Markets, Art & Craft Markets, Artists in Residence (Co.Futures), Knowledge Banking, Street Art, Club & Grub nights, Fashion Weeks, Shutter Art, Supper Clubs, Theatre Performances and more…

This is your chance to Join In – your opportunity to Love Your High Street! We now need you to help plan for the next phase:

  • Join the Town Team
  • Test your business with a market stall
  • Volunteer and learn new skills
  • Shape your high street

Part of the legacy is the Sydenham market in partnership with Lewisham Markets who carry out the booking and administration and SEE3 providing the entertainment. Following a review of the 9 markets last year we have moved to the 2nd Saturday of the month from 11am - 5pm. as well as the two sites on Queensthorpe Square as well as Venner Square.

For April the Easter bonnet workshops were part of the offer and we were on two sites on the pocket squares at Queesnthorpe and Venner Roads. Our Sydenham Market includes arts and crafts as well as giving young people the opportunity to trade. We have a range of fine foods produced locally and our slowly building up our market stalls.

The May market was wet and windy so we hope for some sun on Saturday 14 June.

If you would like to get involved or learn more please visit the web site

Please sign up for more news from Sydenham Town Centre on the wonderful web site - please spread the word and like the facebook page!

Sydenham Mosaic

The Sydenham Centre

The Naborhood Centre has now been renamed The Sydenham Centre and is redecorated and embellished with a mural representing scenes from Sydenham life.

Following the vote by the Assembly to support the £10,000 contribution from the Fund the Sydenham Mosaic Project have reached the £50,000 target. Oliver Budd, an internationally known artist has completed the installation of the roundells.

Jill - was the SEE3 community hub at 27 Sydenham Road

An opportunity to get involved in the future of the high street

Jill was the SEE3 community hub at 27 Sydenham Road and is now Cheery & Ice.

Last year we held workshops, events and theatre projects. Co.Futures, a project led by SEE3 artists in-residence Burton Nitta re-examined our encounter with the high street and carried out research into what is the future of citizenship. The outcome has been the Knowledge Banking project - a journey to imagine how our interactions with food, financial systems, energy production and well-being might be transformed in the future.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2014

Launch of fairtrade in bananas

Lewisham was awarded Fairtrade status in 2005 and once again we are promoting this year's Fairtrade Fortnight from 25 February to 10 March.

Since the first Fairtrade bananas appeared on our shelves 13 years ago, the Fairtrade Foundation has achieved a huge amount – now 1 in 3 bananas in the UK are Fairtrade. They’re our favourite and most popular fruit in the UK but there remains a serious problem at the heart of the banana business. In the past 10 years, the price of bananas in the UK has halved, while the cost of production to the farmers has almost doubled. Bananas are now bought and sold so cheaply in the UK that many of the farmers and workers who grow them are being trapped in poverty. Many banana farmers and workers still can’t afford to put enough food on the table for their families, or provide the basics such as education or healthcare. While Fairtrade provides a vital safety net for some banana farmers and workers, too many still suffer. This Fairtrade Fortnight is about Making Bananas Fair.

We are encouraging residents to swop to Fairtrade produce so that developing world producers get a better deal. I buy Fairtrade goods wherever I can including tea, coffee and bananas.

SEE3 Big Launch

Saturday 1 December 2012

The Big Launch on Saturday 1 December saw Jill, Sydenham Community Hub at 27 Sydenham Road filled to overflowing.

I was very pleased to welcome our friend and former Sydenham councillor, Sir Steve Bullock, to do the honours anc cut the ribbon. We were joined by Mark Brierley from the GLA who gave us words of encouragement.

Jill provided a showcase and sale of art and crafts by local artists and artisans lead by Bruce Harrison from the Sydenham Visual Arts Trail.

Sweet treats were provided by Man-Made Cakes who were at the Sydenham Food Fair on Sunday 16th December.

Shop local

During these difficult times it is vital that we support our local businesses and provide employment opportunities. Labour is determined to ensure that Sydenham high street remains a vibrant place with a variety of shops for everyone.

I chair the Sydenham Town Centre Steering Group and welcome the funding from Communities and Local Government to improve the appearance of vacant shops, using vacant units for ‘pop up shops’ and improving the appearance of the shopping environment. Working with Mayor Sir Steve Bullock I am doing all I can to ensure that Sydenham is an existing place and urge everyone to shop local.