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Sydenham Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Sydenham Safer Neighbourhood Team

Safer Neighbourhoods is a truly local policing style: local people working with local police and partners to identify and tackle issues of concern in their neighbourhood. They are trained to communicate with a wide range of people, communities and partners, to tackle and solve community problems. Experience suggests these are most likely to be quality-of-life issues, such as anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, abandoned cars and graffiti.

Safer Neighbourhoods teams are dedicated to the needs of each specific neighbourhood, with the policing priorities for that area decided in partnership with local stakeholders - the public, crime and disorder reduction partnerships (CDRPs), local authorities and other local organisations.

Sydenham top three priorities:

  • Anti Social Behaviour by groups of youths
  • Anti Social Behaviour related to alcohol
  • Youth engagement

CCTV cameras in Sydenham Road are linked to a control room to monitor activities

Street drinking in Sydenham Road

Sydenham faces a significant challenge in reducing anti-social behaviour associated with street drinking. We have set up a Problem Orientated Partnership (POP) for Sydenham involving the Council and SNT working together on the following actions:

• Identifying and mapping where the street drinkers live • working to engage and help drinkers to support accessing treatment • traders’ agreement promoted and all the off and on licences in the Sydenham area have signed up not to sell alcohol to known street drinkers • enforcement powers have been used in a variety of ways including obtaining an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) which prohibits a named person from being in possession of any opened container of alcohol in Sydenham Road • police use of S27 Direction to leave powers • ongoing activity related to criminal behaviour, for example drug use

The Sydenham Safer Neighbourhood Panel works closely with the SNT on the priorities set by residents. Residents at the Assembly have supported the Panel in their views that a Drinking Control Zone would be an effective long term solution. The Council is currently discussing this option.

Members of the Community Payback Team helping to clear the rear of Sydenham Road

Community Payback

Community Payback is a partnership between London Probation, the Metropolitan Police Service and 32 London authorities. Safer Neighbourhoods officers lead on Payback by speaking with residents to identify areas which need improvement, then planning and supervising projects.

Community Payback enables low risk offenders serving community sentences to repay local people as part of their punishment for offending.

The Sydenham Safer Neighbourhoods team worked with Lewisham's Anti Social Behaviour Team to clear the area behind Sydenham Road.