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Bell Green Retail Park - plans to redevelop gas holder site

Protecting the gas holders from demolition

Kier Bell Green have set out proposals to further redevelop Bell Green Retail and Employment Park including:

• A new SGN depot and storage facility

• An Aldi

• A restaurant and café

• A memorial garden for the Livesey Memorial Hall

• Greenspace

• Parking

• 160-200 jobs

The plan means that these eye-catching gas holders, built by the Victorians but out of use will be demolished to make way for a supermarket.

As well as the uniqueness of their outline, the gas holders are a testament to Britain's role in creating the Industrial Revolution. Though they are now defunct, it's undeniable that they continue to play a part in British culture. At Bell Green there is a richness in the wildlife in the area supported by the River Pool.

I would like to see the gas holders retained with a more imaginative scheme - perhaps to include housing within the holders. I am looking forward to further discussions with the developers.