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Hearts for the Arts Award presented to LB Lewisham

With Olivia Coleman and Sam West who presented London Borough of Lewisham with the Hearts for the Arts Awards for 2017

I was absolutely delighted to welcome Sam West, Chair of the National Campaign for the Arts, and Olivia Colman to the London Borough of Lewisham when they presented us with the Hearts for the Arts Award for 2017.

This particular project dates back around 5 years when the Council developed an ‘Innovation Fund’ designed to promote partnership solutions to a range of questions including whether we could provide a more exciting and stimulating sort of day service for the older people of Lewisham.

This deceptively simple question provoked a huge amount of thought and dialogue across the borough and eventually culminated in the creation of Meet me at the Albany.

We are extremely proud of ‘Meet me’ (as we often call it) – not just because of the huge difference that it makes to the lives of each of every recipient but because of what it demonstrates about the power of the arts and the power of partnership working.

The partnership of the creative dynamism and drive of Entelechy Arts and the Albany with the deep understanding and reach of the Council has delivered outstanding results and which continues to develop on an almost weekly basis!