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Lewisham Hospital goes smoke free

I was delighted to support Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust going smoke free. That means that smoking (which includes cigarettes, pipes or cigars) will not be allowed at University Hospital Lewisham, Queen Elizabeth Hospital or any of the Trust’s community sites.

The purpose of going smoke free is to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of all patients, visitors and staff who use the Trust’s health services. The move is in keeping with many hospitals and public spaces where smoking is now not permitted either inside or outside on their premises.

I think this is a really positive step; we all have a part to play in helping residents quit smoking and reducing exposure of second-hand smoke to non-smokers. Creating more smoke free environments can act as a turning point for many people, motivating them to quit smoking and take advantage of the many opportunities there are locally to get support and help to experience the health and financial benefits.