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Remembering the Battle of Lewisham

40 Years on from 13 August 1977

With Cllr Joan Millbank

I was pleased to attend the commemoration ceremony to remember the 40th anniversary of the protests and disturbances that have become known as the "Battle of Lewisham".

On the 13th August 1977 the far right National Front attempted to march from New Cross to Lewisham town centre. There were violent clashes with counter demonstrators and the police that prevented the march from reaching its destination.

The local community opposed the march, with thousands of peaceful demonstrators brought together by Lewisham Council and the Bishop of Southwark holding a counter march from Ladywell Fields to New Cross.

After a series of running battles on the streets of Lewisham the NF abandoned their route and were ushered away by the police.

To mark the event a Lewisham maroon plaque was unveiled by Cllr Joan Millbank on the 13 August 2017 bearing the words

"Remembering The Battle of Lewisham

Thousands United here against racism and fascism 13 August 1977"